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Developing wordpress template

Here is a list of templates developed for wordpress

  • theWorldIn35mm

screenshot - Template

A Photoblog theme for WordPress using the Yet Another Photoblog plugin, based on the original template theWorldIn35mm for pixelpost full rewrite for wordpress by Etrusco

Click here to download this theme  or go to my photoblog link etruscosphoto to view it in action

Version: 1.0.2

Author: Etrusco
Author URI: http://photo.pensando.it
Author Template: https://www.pensando.it

Tags: white, one-column, fixed-width, theme-options, photoblogging

This theme was originally designed and built by Joe Roback for pixelpost platform
Origin URI: http://theworldin35mm.org/
Origin MAIL: [email protected]

The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL:

Installation guide in Italian

Installation guide in english (google translate)

1.0.0   2009/06/26 NEW    Created first versione of Template theworldin35mm
1.0.1   2009/06/30 UPD     Update “functions.php” file
1.0.2   2009/06/30 UPD     Bug Fix on functions.php file

Now you can download an examples of “about page” for theworldin35mm template here

This content is free, but you can take a paypal donation for etrusco's development.

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12 commenti su “Template”

  1. Once I updated to the 1.10 version of YAPB things got all screwy. Has anyone else experienced that? I am frozen on YAPB Version 1.9.32…..

  2. Ciao,
    sto utilizzando il tuo template per il mio nuovo blog. Ho fatto una piccola aggiunta e credo possa essere comoda anche ad altri: la possibilità di effettuare il download delle immagini a varie risoluzioni.
    Il codice è semplicissimo, io l’ho inserito dopo i dati EXIF:

    Alternative Image Formats

    $h ? $w : $h), 1920, 1280, 1024, 800)) ?>

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  4. Hi Allessandro,
    i’m just setting up my old photoblog on a new server and did the switch to your template.
    I’m running into a little problem with the archive-page. when this page is called from the menu, nothing – except a placeholder for an image thumbnail is displayed…. When i then click on a category or date, the thumbnails are displayed without a problem.
    Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I’m a YAPB novice just playing with this template; my version of the template seemed to have a typo in mosaic.php(line 37 is <? instead of <?php) – unless I add 'php' I get an error message.

  6. Ciao caro Alessandro,
    grazie davvero per il template!!
    Lo sto custimizzando un po’
    Mi puoi dire come si puo’ aggiungere il sidebar?

  7. Hello

    There is some version of the template that not need YAPB?

    Now it works, but I do not like depend on a plugin, you do not know if it work in the future, I think wordpress today has enough functionality to not require a plugin.

    Thanks for the wonderful job

  8. Hi,

    Me again.. 🙂

    I still like the theme a lot and use it. Anyway a small improvement idea came up. What if you did a black version of it? I know it’s not a big job playing around with the css myself, but I’d still prefer you doing it if you feel like it.

    What do you say?

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