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Il 13 maggio nodejitsu ha comunicato un incremento dei prezzi per i piani individuali su hosting cloud di applicazioni node.js.

Il nuovo listino prezzi sarà attivo dal 22 Maggio 2013.

Come giustificano questo incremento dei prezzi?

Lo giustificano in relazione all’incremento esponenziale di app node.js, considerando ormai matura questa tecnologia e soprattutto perché dopo un solo anno dal lancio della piattaforma beta nodejitsu è ormai diventato un punto di riferimento globale per app basate su stack node.js, pertanto i prezzi fatti fino ad oggi non sono più sostenibili.

Questo l’incremento dei prezzi :

  • Micro (1 drone): da $3 / mese a $9 / mese
  • Small (3 drones): da $7 / mese a $33 / mese
  • Regular (5 drones): da $11 / mese a $50 / mese
  • Large: da infiniti droni con costo 0,0042$ / ora / drone a $90 / mese con limite massimo di 10 droni

Di certo un aumento non da poco …

Questo il comunicato ufficiale, in lingua inglese.

Hey there,

On April 30th, Nodejitsu announced price increases to the Individual Plans offered on our public cloud. This email details these changes and provides some context. We originally scheduled pricing changes to take effect on Wednesday May 15th, but we have chosen to delay the changes another week based on your feedback. These new prices for Individual Plans will now take effect on Wednesday May 22nd.

Here are the specifics:

New Prices

  • Micro (1 drone): $9 / month
  • Small (3 drones): $33 / month
  • Regular (5 drones): $50 / month
  • Large (10 drones): $90 / month

We have also clarified some limitations for applications running on Individual Plans:

  • 3 drone limit: If you’re on an Individual Plan, the maximum number of running drones you will be able to set for a single application will be three.
  • 10 drones max: If you’re on an Individual Plan, you will be able to run a total of 10 drones maximum. If you need more than that, we recommend you upgrade to a Business Plan.
  • One-day retention for Metrics: When our metrics are rolled out, customers running on an Individual Plan will have a default retention of one day.
  • One-day retention for Logs: As we improve our logging capabilities for Business Plans, Individual plans will be limited to one day of logs retention.
  • Designated support hours: The #nodejitsu channel on irc.freenode.net will now be staffed by Nodejitsu Support Engineers from 9am – 8pm ET, Monday – Friday, and during these hours you can rely on live help from Nodejitsu.


Why are we doing this? As Nodejitsu and the node.js community have matured, we’ve realized that the pricing on our Individual Plans is not sustainable and that we were operating at a loss. Since introducing our Individual Plans, we’ve carefully monitored the cost of running our business. These changes will allow our PaaS to grow in the years to come, to deal more quickly with production incidents, to fix underlying issues, and to continue to improve the platform as a whole.

Nodejitsu has grown as the Node.js community has grown, and we owe our success thus far entirely to our membership in this community. We understand these changes have upset some community members, but they allow us to continue to do what we do best: provide our hosting service and contribute to open source Node software. We are continuing our current program of offering 1 free drone for open source apps atopensource.jit.su.

We’re excited to move forward and work with you towards a bright future for node. If you have questions or further thoughts, we encourage you to join us in #nodejitsu on irc.freenode.net. Our always excellent support team is standing by.


— The Nodejitsu Team


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